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'9 to 5' or 24 hour medical helpine run by nurses

This is a wonderful service which companies see as a benefit to their staff. It's based on a per capita annual price which reduces depending on the size of the company.

Any medical question can be asked and some companies sign up for our online health assessment or health & wellbeing days or health screening programmes.

Employees and their families can access the line to ask personal medical questions: childcare worries, elderly parent problems, pre or post operative questions and complications, medications and side effects, vaccinations, skin rashes, moles, pregnancy & post natal depression and issues with newborns or returning to work, childhood infections, elderly care home information, drug and alcohol problems, mental health problems and anything relevant to reduce medical pressure on their daily lives.

This is not a counselling line but access to counselling can be added to the annual fee.

The effect of having immediate access to medical assistance which is very personal to your employees rather than an nhs direct service is that we can link with your policies and procedures, EAP, GP services, nationwide nurse clinics and you will see a reduction in absenteeism through early health care and perhaps unnecessary visits to GPs.

We can also refer nationwide to physios and osteopaths.

This is a cost effective way of managing staff health issues in and outside the work place.



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